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DJTech BPC-SX2 2D-3D Solder Print Inspection System

Brand: DJTech
Model: BPC-SX2
Origin: Japan


1、DJTech BPC-SX2
Year: 2015
Ultra-high-speed inspection by unification of 2D - 3D optical system.
Development of new optical system. High accuracy 2D - 3D inspection.
The inspection data creation is possible in three minutes or less.
Board type: 510x460 mm (Standard)
Board thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.4 mm
Inspection Item: Insufficient, Excess, Misalignment, Bridge Volume,
Cross-sectional area, Average height, peak height, Balance
Inspection Time:
Standard mode: 4500 mm² / sec
High-speed: 9000 mm² / sec
High-resolution:2200 mm² / sec

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