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Consumer Electronics
The tablet is small and light, easy to carry, and can be used at any time to create maximum flexibility and mobility for the business. In addition to its small size, the tablet offers superior performance and competitive price, providing another solution for thin clients, digital billboards, smart conferencing systems and smart manufacturing applications that require energy savings, wireless connectivity, reliability and remote manageability.
Game console
Game consoles refer to machines or equipment used to play games. Depending on how the game is played, game consoles are divided into home video game consoles (desktop) or palmtop game consoles (portable). With the advancement of computer technology, game consoles have also been upgraded to a diversified stage in which functions such as online audio and video services can be performed. Game consoles are also a type of computer, because its major components are identical to a computer, with main hardware consisting of CPU, memory, storage medium, audio/video output and signal input ports. However, game consoles focus heavily on graphics, sound and operating functionality compared to PCs, and a plethora of software/hardware is available for upgrades. Suntop has been deeply involved in the electronics field for many years, therefore having the ability to quickly realize and satisfy customers’ needs for the manufacture of the electronic equipment.
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