Shenzhen Suntop Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Career Development
Industry knows that talent is the company's most valuable asset. Therefore, Suntop Industry leaves no effort reserved in the cultivation of employees. The company has invested considerable amount of money and effort every year; providing employees with valuable resources and a variety of learning opportunities. We encourage employees to take these advantageous learning opportunities with diligence and commitment, for the improvement and growth of their professional knowledge is the driving force for the company's progress and development.
Training system

1. Management training

2. Professional Training

3. General knowledge / core function training

4. Newcomer training / self-development

Career Development

1. Management and professional dual track

2. Overseas assignments/expansion of horizons

3. Cross-product/sector project experience

4. Performance-oriented promotion and development

Training Resources

1. Knowledge management document

2. External training

3. Internal training

4. Internal lecturer / Mentor

5. E College E-Learning Platform

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