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Social Responsibility
Suntop Industry sets our basis for corporate culture by ensuring the workplace, labor management, as well as ethics and environmental impact are all in compliance with local laws and regulations when making promises to engage in business enterprise. . The company has set up multiple compliance departments at the head office and overseas locations, implementing a corporate code of conduct that allows employees and suppliers to easily access the information they need. At the same time, we guarantee that the services provided by our customers can meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

As a good corporate citizen, Suntop Industrial is committed to the continuous implementation of the following policies, and invites suppliers and subcontractors to participate in:

Meeting the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

Maintaining a workplace environment that is healthy and safe for the employees.

Minimizing environmental impact and protecting the environment

Creating company value and enhancing shareholders' rights through integrity management,.

Encouraging employees to engage in community development activities.

Quality commitment policy

Quality excellence and customer satisfaction are the basis of our management. We therefore have the following quality policy:

Provide customers with products and services that are satisfactory.

Do it right the first time.

Continue to pursue quality improvement and excellency.  

Environmental and Safety policy

Comply with national and government related environmental , safety , and health laws and regulations.

Promote environmental, safety, and health management related education and training activities to increase employees awareness and to encourage their involvement.

Continuously improve environmental, safety, and health performance through pollution prevention, accident prevention, energy conservation and responsible care.

Achieve pollution prevention and risk reduction by focusing on pollution source control, process waste reduction, as well as safety and sanitation facilities improvements. .

Establish an effective communication channel to continuously convey the company's environmental safety policy to employees, suppliers, and related groups and people.

Green Product Policy

Suntop Industrial is committed to becoming one of the well-established companies in the environmental protection industry. We strive to gain recognition from employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and society in product development as well as manufacturing and service. To achieve our mission, we have the following requirements:

Comply with international regulations.

Meet customer requirements.

Apply environmentally friendly design.

Continuously improve the green management system.

By achieving the above requirements, Suntop Industry can ensure that products circulating in the market are not harmful to the population nor the environment.

Labor Policy

Comply with national labor laws and regulations, disengage in child labor, and give employees freedom of association.

Commit to protect labor rights and eliminate any form of forced labor and discrimination. Provide fair treatment regardless of race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, community membership, marital status, etc.

Utilize effective communication channels to continuously convey the company's labor policies to employees, suppliers and related groups.

Giving Back to Society

Suntop Industry regards ourselves as a member of corporate citizenship. While striving for profitability, we pay more attention to the care of socially disadvantaged groups We actively recruit employees to join as volunteers and participate in various charity work. Many of our employees are involved in various welfare services that are not only in China but also in countries with our local operations. Suntop Industry always adheres to the philosophy of "taking some from the society and giving back to the society", doing our best to care for the weak, and exerting the spirit of "Treat others as ourselves, love others as ourselves” in order to seek greater welfare for our society.

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