Shenzhen Suntop Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Technical Support


1. Our Promise:

1. Provide comprehensive training to ensure smooth operation;

2. Share the latest technology and provide a complete set of production line solutions based on the customer's product requirements;

3. Provide original or imitation spare parts for refurbished equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

4. Technical service engineers are on duty 24 hours

5. Frequently repaired models include:

Panasonic、Siemens、Philips、Universal、Sanyo、Yamaha、Juki 、Sony、Samsung、Topquality

24-hour service hotline:+86-755-6120-1068


2. Pre-sale Service

The “pre-sale service” marketing model, which integrates sales, service, information, culture and other functions, is part of the marketing concept advocated by Suntop. Through the application and extension of the "pre-sale service" concept, the ultimate goal is to form a benign market cycle that the first equipment is sold by sales and the future equipment is sold by high-quality services. We use the "pre-sale service" model to understand the dealers; refine the pre-sale service concept and develop overseas markets through multiple channels utilizing the advantages of the internet. Under the support of the pre-sale service concept, we establish a comprehensive overseas post-sale service network.


3. Post-sale Service

1. After the equipment is delivered, we provide complimentary installation and calibration services to assist the buyer in the acceptance inspection.


2. After the equipment is delivered, our technicians will provide equipment operation and maintenance training for no less than 12 hours (4 hours/day).


3. After three months of use, our service department will follow up on the use of the equipment and submit relevant reports.

4. All the equipment sold by our company comes with free warranty period of various lengths. The replacement and repair of spare parts are provided free of charge.


5. In addition to the free warranty period, we readily provide assistance and service on customer's equipment per our customers’ requests.


6. During the use of the equipment, if the equipment fails, the responsible party should cut off the power supply and notify the service department of our company verbally or in writing. Our service department will respond immediately and handle the issue in a timely manner.

Use the equipment with confidence, we’ll do the rest of the work!


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