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Equipment Rental


1. Equipment Rental

Rental services are provided to our customers if the client has insufficient funds are, the order has not been cleared, or the purchased equipment is not available yet.


Rental Services: All equipment on the mounter production line is available for rent. Equipment can be rented separately or it can be leased by the entire line. The maintenance service can also be realized by leasing.


By leasing equipment, customers will benefit from:

1. Reduce investment barriers, get the most effective financial support, and get the technology you need more easily.

2. Predictability, lower rental payments, and reduced liquidity pressure.

3. Shorten the cycle of obtaining equipment and avoid the complicated and lengthy funding approval process associated with direct purchase.

4. Save money. End users can get the needed equipment by leasing without affecting their own budget.

5. All expenses are paid in installments according to the lease term, which reduces the investment in one-time fixed assets.

6. The risk of running outdated equipment can be effectively reduced by setting a lease term for a one-month leased equipment life cycle.

7. Flexible payment plans can be designed for complex and changing technical needs as well as cash flows.

8. A complete set of financial solutions is provided to integrate hardware and software installation, training, maintenance and third-party technology into the same leasing program.


Lease term: 1-3 years, non-cancellable during the lease period.


Installment Payment Terms: monthlyt, quarterly, Bi-annually


At the end of the lease period, the end user may choose to return, renew, or purchase equipment at a fair market price.


Lease customer credit review:

1. Copy of business license, bank loan card details, company charter, company profile, copy of personal resume and ID card of shareholders and legal representative.

2. Financial statements (annual audit reportpreferred) of the most recent three consecutive years, and the most current financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statement).

3. Bank statement of the most recent six consecutive months.

4. Large and overdue accounts receivable, accounts payable, other payables and long-term payables, and accounts receivable aging schedule.

5. Other explanatory materials deemed necessary by investigation firms



2. Financing Services

Equipment financing can help relieve the financial pressure of enterprises and has advantages over bank loans.

 1. Bank approval is slow and the procedures are complicated.

 2. Banks are not interested in loan quotas below one or two million.

 3. The financing does not affect the bank loan amount.

 4. Customized rental solutions for your company and reasonable recommendation support for the bank are provided.


3. Lease Contract

Whereas, the lessor agrees to lease the leased item to the lessee based on the lessee's choice of the leased property. The lessee agrees to lease the lease item from the lessor and pay the cash. After the friendly negotiation between the two parties, the lease contract will be signed voluntarily.

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